The Wind

 Hi..yeah Im still alive. Felt the need to write today!

This is kind of sappy, but Im playing around with some digital art. Its the loss of someone you love. I thought about it as it is Thanksgiving eve and for many, holidays can be painful.  Might play around with the words some more cause I just wrote it in the past few minutes :) I will hate it in 2 hours.

I am in the wind,
In the rain, the laughter of a child,
The butterfly on the windowsill.
Beside you on the warm sunset
I have not left you
Look up,
I am in the stars
Shining light in the darkest places
Reminding you
I am still here.
When you smell my perfume
Or have a memory of me
Know it is I who is letting you know
I am ok
Open the ears of your soul and
You can hear me
Your mind and you can see me
I am in the wind….

~Almighty Heidi


Shadow said...

this is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, you come back and leave such a tremendous gift..

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thank you!