Taking Leave

I am going to "take leave" from blogging for awhile. I have been fighting a wound infection from my surgery, my grandfather has cancer, my child support has stopped and I have untill august 20th to find a new home, since the landlord has given us notice.

I will have much more cynical stories to tell later about all of this, but for now I am living it, and it seems I have hit bottome, so for now untill things get straigtened out, I am leaving, but will visit your blogs instead of writing my own.

Almighty Heidi


When Life Hands You Lemons....

I hate the saying when "Life hands you lemons, make lemonade" it pissed me off to hear it in a time of stress.Life handed me a pile of shit, what then shall I do with that? I suppose manure is meant to be a geat fertilizer for the soul...somehow...in someway...If you have any suggestions for a pile of shit...please let me know.


Almighty Heidi's Greatist Hits Album 2

Breathe Me (Mylo Remix)

Today I am recovering I thought I should give you the songs that I sing to myself every six hours when I legally get to become High for about 20 minutes each day.

Heidi Sings *IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII have become comftrbly NumBBBBBBBBB* Pink Floyd *Hello hello hellooooo, is there anybody out there**************

*WHhhhhhhhhhhhoooooo rrrr Youuu who who who who......whooooooooae you who who who who*

*Cause I'm to sexy for my shirt to sexy for my shirt to sexy it huuurttts*

*It's a beautigul day in the neighbor hood a beautiful day in the neighborhood so wont you be my, wont you be my, woncha be my neighbor*** Mr. Rodgers 1978....He never would put on the blue jacket, it was always the yellow or the red and then he'd tie his fucking shoes while I yelled, "No no put the blue sweater on!!!!!"

*Pourrr soommmee sugar on meeeee, come on fire me upppppp* Ahhh yes, I was a headbanger in the 80's with def leppard being my all time FAVORITE!!!!!! I had big hair and ripped jeans. (yikes)

***nutter butter nutter butter nutter butter nutter butter** not a song but try saying it 25 times in a row...cool when your high.

***Me...and my shaaaaadow*

****Welcome to the hotel Caliiiffoorrrnnaaa, It's a lovely place...***


**Put your left arm in, put your left arm out, putyour left arm in and you sahake it all about, you do the hokie pokie, and you move yourself around, that's what it's all about"


That's all folks,

High and Mighty Almighty Heidi



Ok, I got out on Friday, after 5 icky days. This one hurt pretty damn bad. I have 17 staples that are really starting to itch, and I am the only really good looking yhoung person on the wing with a walker. It's just wrong.

I lost alot of blood, and they opte not to transfuse me, so one night I went though feverish dreams, with lack of blood, and it was really freaking me out. I am not close to even feeling like myself yet. I am in a dilemna as to what to so. If I read, I am on so many drugs, I read the page over and over and over again, and even though I read the words, I do not retain any of it.If I listen to music, i fall asleep, and dream weird dreams. If I watch tv too much I get a tv headache.I have found it entertaining just to watch the ceiling fan.

Today, I will take a 10 minute walk, and plan to up it every day, per dr's orders.I can't wait to go out into the muggy 90 degree florida in July.

Hopefully as my mind clears, maybe I can come up with some good blogging, untill then, I will read yours at least 5 times each until my brain actually listens to what I am reading:)

Going going....gone