How do I dare
to tell you

What is in my heart

the dark shadowed places

that need to become light

The truth hurts so much

and yet releases me from my pain

~Almighty Heidi

(two blogs in one night. Sometimes you have to get it out :)

Empty Spaces

"The universe was once thought of an empty space. Astronomers once thought that the chance of two stars colliding was roughly once in an eternity"

Two stars dancing
circling round each other

Gravitational pull


twoards center.

take me willingly..
fill my empty space


Becoming one,

burning up in each others atmosphere,

lighting up heaven

on earth.

(Yeah..kinda hot :)

~Almighty Heidi



You are told not to cross the line

Lines drawn in the sand
so easily erased

Cross over

or stay behind

Standing on the line of quitting

Or seeing how much I can take

Almighty Heidi


Gravity and Reality

I wish I knew you

many years ago

I wish I were comfortable

In my own skin

had the guts to face my own self

in the mirror

Who you were

Who you were to become

Your likes
your dislikes

You had to find them on your own

Life is the forever school

Of my soul

never ending

I like purple

And Lilly's and lilacs

The smell of vanilla

Writing secrets

keeping them

Kisses on my neck

Hot baths

Glasses of wine


Peace and warmth

There is never enough

Even in happiness

There is never enough

maybe it is all the illusion
and my soul screams

"I dare you..to be you"

always wanting more ..

feeling like I'm in between two worlds

going 35 in a 65

my own thoughts haunting me
as I sleep

Is it another lesson

Maybe it is just the responsibility

to carry the world on the shoulders

and it is just the "right thing to do"

to be happy where I am

am I settling into comfort

into what is expected

or keep wanting

will I ever be fulfilled

who are you?

who are you yet to become

I wish..

I knew you.

~Almighty Heidi



Spinning in circles

the world blurs

I stretch out my 6 year old arms

spinning round and round

till I drop down to the fresh cut grass

breathing in

I watch the clouds and trees spin

loving the illusion

my world is in vertigo

she giggles to herself

"Lets do it again"

"It's not fun anymore"

I tell her

"Things are just too ...difficult

I cant."

"Come onnnnn..let your arms out like this"

I look at my arms crossed over my chest

and my hands are clenched
She says to me
"Let go"

and know I must

so I start to spin

all the colors begin to blur

falling to the ground I laugh

knowing my world
is just an illusion.

~Almighty Heidi