Look At The Stars

My soul aches

for things lost

for things found

It is really bittersweet,

the heaviness of today

the light of tommorrow,

but when the world slows down..

I look at the stars

Wanting more

breathing more

feeling more

I know it is there

all in the ache

of needing


~Almighty Heidi




"Pleasure, delight, wish, intense desire, intense longing, craving, enthusiasm, eagerness."

When I was younger, I was taught, that Lust was bad. Why..because the bible told me so. God himself says that is wrong.."Walk by the spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh"

It was almost like to be happy with what you were given..don't complain or your just ungrateful...so..I always tried real hard to be happy with where I was at.

Well who wants to not be gratified?

My spirit…

not the god of my childhood


You are not bad because you want more

Wishing is magic
And magic is OK

Especially when it comes true.

Hoping, craving, wanting better for yourself and your family

is part of being human.

When you stop hoping, craving, wanting better,

Your spirit dies

So go ahead

Make a wish

Hope for a better future

Delight in today

Desire more, crave more,

and always long…

for something


Know when the things that you hope for come true

It is what the real god wanted for you all along.

Almighty Heidi