Taking Joy In The Small Things

Update for my daughter we saw a new spine specialist that wanted to put Kayla in a brace that is like a cast that was specially molded for her back. I t is depressing for her because she is at her wits end with pain, and I am too. No surgery for at least 3 months..

This weekend was enjoyable for me, with a few bumps along the road. I told B last night I need to take the kids to see the lights at a local park. We live around the corner and have never gone, we drive by and go ooohh and ahhh, but that is about it. Silly actually. I know my kids would go, I just forget it is there. B says that my kids are not little anymore. Call me crazy, but I still have the 7 year old Almighty Heidi who flys around in her cape and underoo’s, that would love to go see the lights…and so would the kids, and umm..yeah..they are still kids.

So Stupid bastard B starting today has given me what I call a “pay cut”, since I am his maid and cook, and I suppose I am not up to par.Funny how my entire paycheck goes to pay the bills, but he keeps several hundred if not a few thousand to himself.. it’s so wrong on soo many levels.I have not been able to buy a tree yet, or any Christmas presents. He has decided since the kids broke a picture in the house accidently by closing the refrigerator door to hard, thus the wall next to it shook, and the picture fell..that that should be there Christmas present….and this is perfectly ok in his world.

He sees nothing wrong with this…
It is one thing to think it, but to do it?

I was going to wait till July to leave, but I think as soon as my income tax check goes, I might have to skip town. I need to have a lawyer look at my lease first and see how much I would be liable for breaking it, usually its around 1 month to a month and a half. I just don’t know, but the guy is trying to break me, to make me see things his way,but when my kids are involved, all bets are out the window.


So untill then I am going to take joy in the little things, like seeing the lights with my kids...and know that we do matter...and we are worht more than this.

Almighty Heidi aka soon to be escapee


foam said...

you are right. it's about the children. i can't imagine that they would miss this person.

and enjoy all the christmas twinklies you want. that's the best part of the season, the lights and spending quality time with the children.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thanks foamy!