Tell me who you are

Whisper it in my ear

When your journey is near end, what will your story be

Did you taste the moments

Could you sit in silence and bear your own soul

Did you make peace with your mind

When it spun in suffering

Could you allow yourself to find the places of safe harbor,

of strength, of courage

To rise up and feel that you are beloved

Worthy and beautiful

Did your heart dance in the loving of another

Could you sing of it’s touch

Not cowering in your own vulnerability

Looking outside myself

Speaking to my innermost soul

She wants to know

Whisper it in her ear.

Almighty Heidi


Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

YES .......I can sit in silence with my own soul...loved this !

Sierra Wolf said...

Beautiful and lovely thoughts. And excellent questions to ask ourselves.

Shadow said...

sweet sweet whispers, beautifully written!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

very nice post and I really love the picture!!!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I am closing down one of my blogs, where you are a follower. the same entries will come on my other blogs. I would be happy, if you would also find those interesting and would regiter as a follower there.

love and greetings from Denmark, sarah sofia

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thank you Cherie :o)
Sierra..I just dont know..never really wrote "poetry" before, but it just comes flowing out lately.
Shadow..thank you.
Sofia, what is the name of the current blog?
Love you all.

Rolf said...

Spun in suffering

[Shadow Alin] said...

Thanks for your compliment, I like your writings as well :)

Matt D said...

I don't think I know anything.

But I do think that what you share is really important, because on some level we all do relate to each other, and even if you are writing your words to sort your own self out, you're taking everyone else along for the ride with you -- at least a little, and in that sense doing your own small part to lead us all to a better place. (whatever that destination is -- a place in our own hearts?)

Sorry to heap that on you. Again, I really *don't* know what I am talking about.

But the "almighty" in your name is well earned. :)