The Gift

Last night I felt it.

This morning I felt it.

Ever feel like something extrodinary was going to happen?

I felt something in my soul just…click.

Like a piece that was missing that was put back into place, or actually more like something new..a gift, that I could not open, but I so oo want to like a kid on Christmas day.

Dang, what was in my cheerios this morning?

But..Who am I to turn away a gift to the soul?

With wide open arms..I'LL TAKE IT..

I’m going to hold onto it..shake it, hold it to the light and try to figure out what it is till I am allowed to open it.

Almighty Heidi


Cat said...

and my guess is that all it will take is your own permission to open it and find out what is inside.

Gin said...

Oh yeah! I have felt it before and I feel it now. Even with everything going on, that feeling is there somewhere deep down and I am aware of it...

Shadow said...

i love that feeling, the anticiaption, knowing something is going to happen... even when you don't know what.

Chuck Dilmore said...

is what you want
it to be

you are allowed to open it
every day

in fact, you are required!
(that's just me, talkin'!)