Change: Something made different: alteration, substitution. Replacement, make or become different.

We all need change. I prefer not to have it. There was a recent study about men and women showing that 80 percent of women did not like change. I get it. I do not like moving, or switching jobs, changes within the home or routine, and the wrench thrown in like a 1000.00 part for the car.

The unexpected makes my world go in vertigo. Spinning I cannot control the outcome.

But change is always one thing that will always happen..something made different…good and bad..

I guess..looking at it all, im glad im not the same person I was 10 years ago..or 20 for that matter. I think I have brought along the good parts of me along the way..and the other “stuff” you either feed along the way and it gets fatter, or you it go..wherever “it” is.

So I wrote this ..just thinking today:

The days I thought I lost control

There was no compass to guide me

Now understanding

I was in the right direction all along

The paths alter
Each footprint blind in the dark
Evolving, changing, shifting

My soul moving in and out
with each breath here on earth

And when I can not hear her
Saying turn this way or that

I know that I will land softly
In faith

even I do not understand

Into what I was meant to become
So far away from where I thought I would be.

~Almighty Heidi


steveroni said...

Ya know? this is kinda deep stuff here...I was going the right direction all along.

It fits with lots of spiritual thinking, that "it" happens when "it" is supposed to, and neither before nor later.

Good post (as if you needed ME to tell you that--grin!)

steveroni said...


Also, a comment: Change is an amend, amendment. I can change my words to you ("I'm sorry" etc) but if i do NOT change my behavior, amend how I live--there IS no change.

PEACE for you!

Anonymous said...

I know Heidi, change is a weird thing for me to. It usually involves so much work. And you never know if you're doing the right thing!