Shadow Dancing

(This short poem was inspired by this particular song, and a dance I saw last night. Music ..she speaks to me)

Will you catch me when I fall


Trusting your arms to lift me


You caught me in your warmth

the quiet fire
that was once lit

shadows of ourselves dance upon the walls

glowing embers burn your image
into my soul

Will you catch me once again?

Can you find me

in the smoke that remains

looking for you..

or all that is left,

is ash?

Will you

catch me?

~Almighty Heidi


AkasaWolfSong said...

Beautiful Shadows...beautiful You!


James Garcia Jr said...

Hello, Almighty Heidi. It's great to meet you. Thanks for following. The blog looks great! I love the visuals. I'm on my iPhone now, but I promise to come back when I'm on my pc and I can spend more time, follow, etc. Take care.

Terresa said...

"You caught me in your warmth" -- I love this phrase and the image it invokes.

Matt D said...

Very nice ... BTW I like your new blog layout. :)

MaQuade said...

I've already got you... but I'll catch you again and again and again :)

AlmightyHeidi said...

Akaska..thank you, James: Welcome to my world, Terresa..you poetry "gets me", Matt..thanks!!, Maquade..I know :)