It's been a long time

My soul aches to write, because so much has happened, but there is no time. And there are no real words yet. I guess I tend to clam up..stop talking about it..but it is all brewing on the inside..a quiet storm ...and Im starting to hear the rumbles.

I had to end a relationship.
My 19 year old daughter is moving to the Midwest, hoping she can get some better medical care being with her grandmother, since I cannot provide it.

I now have a full time bartending shift that will pay the bills but the hours keep me away from my sons at odd hours.

On top of personal drama..some of the hardest changes, decisions I have ever made as an adult, and getting the flu that wont go away.

Did I mention I'm also moving on my birthday?

Sooner or later things will settle.
Then I will be back
There is alot to write..

~Almighty Heidi


Anonymous said...

Words are a spell
and if we chose them well
They will bring to fruit
a possibility
of all things conceived.
until the time is ripe.

James Garcia Jr said...

It's been a long time indeed, Heidi. I was getting ready to shut my pc down for the night when I saw your post. Since I haven't said hello in a while, I really felt like I should. I'm sorry to hear so many things are going on right now. I hope you feel better, and that things begin to ease up around you.
Thinking about you,


Robin said...

Heidi - I was wondering what was happening with you - you have been so quiet lately. I think of you sometimes but don't want to bother you, but I miss your updates and notes.

Sounds like you are at a turning point now in some ways. You know I wish you the best.

If I can be of any help or if you want to talk you know where to find me.


Matt D said...

When it rains
it pours.

I remember an entire year (was it two) where I carried a notebook around with me promising I would write in it, and it jut got older and older, the only few lines I wrote were scribbles and doodles -- and I kept wondering how things would ever calm down both outside and inside of me, but finally they did.

We have to be patient, and sometimes just trust in providence. :)