Finding Center

I moved this past week
on my birthday

it was a re-birthday
Something I wanted to do, I needed to do
things have changed so much.
in a good..butterfly kinda way.

My new place is...zen. Warm..comforting..happy.
My favorite part is unpacking, and decorating.
I have an uncanny way of putting pictures up at the perfect height and perfectly centered, and the thought hit me..

The past year has been the most painful, suffocating, exhausting....

It has had me face my own self,and I listened to her...
I really listened to my own soul....

I have found my center
What a great re-birthay present

it is zen
happy...and Im holding onto that


Life is difficult
Teens with issues,
bills to pay...
Single mommy hood with alot of hours at work
and not enough at home..

But finding my own center
of peace
maybe everything else might just fall into place a bit easier

It is time for my re-birthday. I will celebrate it every day
Come with me


this is the life I have
and am ready to fly,
ready to live.
I am free

Almighty Heidi


terri said...

way good to hear......
way way way good.


Marty said...

Happy Re-Birthday...

AkasaWolfSong said...

Happy Re-Birthday Heidi...

It is so good to hear Hope in your voice, sprinkled with Zen and Peace. :)

Good for you Girl...and Blessings on your New Zen Home!

Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

Happy Birthday Heidi! Celebrating with you, and your post was beautiful, like balm for my soul. You are beautiful too.

Anonymous said...

Go get em girl!
I heard this song on the radio,
and don't ask me why,
but it made me think of the ALMIGHTY

boo boo said...
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Matt D said...

Hold to the center,
peace of mind
you'll sail your way
through the storms
out there towards the rainbow. :)