Before The Sun Goes Down

I have been lost for awhile..not writing, but felt inspired today, by a song, or a poem..whatever you want it to be

Keeping your heart close to mine

Love changes everything

this mess

Im trying my best

praying to the angels

to break down your walls

forget about our feelings

Im climbing over them

Words can never show

what Im about to do

Keep your heart close

love changed everything

this mess

trying our best

Fists against the wall

breaking it all

climbing the brokeness

tired and bruised

reaching out for you

begging to grab on

before the sun goes down

love changes everything

this mess

trying your best

stumbling in the dark

coming to rescue you

falling down

now its time

to know

the bricks

were always


You keep my heart close
love does not change a thing

its not a mess

just a test

you prayed to the angels

to break down my walls

forget about hurt feelings

your climbing over them

Words can never show

what your about to do

tired and bruised

you come and rescue me.



James Garcia Jr. said...

Hey, Almighty! Great to hear from you! Thanks for the prescription! Giving up the caffeine and alcohol is probably why this cold has lasted so long already! ;)
*sniffles* Happy New Year!


Matt D said...

>Love changes everything

We always have to make the choice
to love or not love
and sometimes were blessed
with examples
of those who choose to love us
despite our own flaws;
it creates synergy. :)

It's nice to see you writing!

I love the idea of praying to angels! :)