Lazy summer...and "Wanna Be" alien abductions.

"Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy."
- Albert Einstein

So it has been awhile since I have written, I have been way to busy at work and too lazy at home. The kids last week of school is this week and then it is off to the world of summer vacation. I picked the wrong job. I was meant to be a teacher and spend the summers off with my kids. However, by me working and not spending the summer with them, that fate may have saved their lives. They have been so bad lately. Kayla wanting to spend the night at a friends house told her parents friends that we were out of town, and she had no place to go (BIG LIE)….the parents were very close to calling the police before calling me on the cell. Now I know why my mother drove away in a car and said she was never coming back (but did, but the shock of it landed my brother and I in therapy).

She was living the dream that I cannot. I envy her. I look at my car keys, and they shimmer tauntingly telling me to go far far away. I beg for the little green (friendlier version we hear about) aliens to abduct me….or I could just pretend I have amnesia so that you can’t remember how to:

A) Do your job

B) Raise your kids that you no longer want to know

C) Love the husband you never remember meeting.

Thus leaving you in a perfect scenario, the kids must then go live with there dad while you receive medical attention…..for the rest of your life, you accept unemployment, and the husband leaves you because his ego is so up in the heavens he can’t fathom you not remembering who he is.

Ahhhh blissful peace.

Double café latte’

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