Humanity the animal civilization

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."
Durant, Ariel Author (1898-1981)

We are one of the most wealthiest nations. We are the first to respond to those in need. We fight other peoples battles. When we have lost an entire city, then our president of the United States shows up a week later to asses the damage. Our citizens are hungry, dirty, and desperate. Where oh Mr. President are you? Where is the aide that is so desperatly needed.

I am beyond pissed. Our country and it's charities continue to raise millions of dollars over the past several days for relief, and the relief does not come. Here in florida we feel the pangs of these people, as it could have been us, all over the nation citizens are raising money for those in need.

Last night I was watching on TV a reporter who was beyond upset, and his wife came from pensecola and brought what she could to Louisiana. She didn't understand that if she could drive through to get there, why could not anyone else.

Let's get on the ball people. Someone with leadership please step up to the plate. I am ashamed of what our citizens are capable of doing on the other side of the gulf, however, I am more ashamed of the capacity that we have to help, and the lack of response.....and humanity.

It is not the people who have failed, but the government.



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