MMMmmmmmm Coffee

After all the bad news in this world I almost flicked right past this tidbit of information on the TV. This should have made world headlines as far as I'm concerned....heck we have to give the public some good news every now and then right??

Coffee has now been classified as a major antioxident. Wooooohooooooo!!!!!! This is a beutiful thing. Most peoples bodies are made up of 78% water, my veins have espresso running through them, and now I find out it is good for me! So by drinking my massive quantities, without going into kidney failure, I am warding off cancer, and aging, and someone said it's good for the colon too...The colon is a disgusting thing, but I guess you got to take care of that too...whatever works.

Red wine has falvanoids in it which are also a great cancer fighting agent, so I have decided I must load up on this as well. Dark chocolate has this ingredient as well. Goodbye brussel sprouts, helloooooo Red wine:)




Anonymous said...

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Rainypete said...

Three cheers for your cancer free, rust proof body!!