Ok, so I am bored. So I will talk about none other than me. Feeling much better as of late, thank god. Which brings me to a point. My insignifigant other. I think I have a sign on my forhead that says will marry, or be in a long lasting worthless relationship for several years with you give you the best of me, get nothing in return, then I one day a light will come on and I will dump your sorry ass, and then you wonder why did she do that...what is wrong with her anyways.


Ok so it is a very large sign.

Last month in the agony of my life I hurt my back so bad I could not walk, I have three older children, that will not help out unless you say something. They knew mom was laid up, and could not check out the work they supposedly did soooooo, did they do the chores? No. Would B tell them, do what your mother says? noooo he turns on the baseball game, scratches his nuts and lies down. Then B comes complains he has no clean underwear for work tommorrow, and did I make dinner? I have this pent up resentment and anger that is going to throw me over the top. I shoot him "the glance" and he really does wonder what is wrong with me. I think of all the ways of poisioning his dinner.


I saw this van that says hire me "honey do" it was for handy man work around the home. Then it dawns on me that I should have just "rented" a man all along. My garbage disposal has been broke for months, and now the dishwasher. I figured out how to fix the toilet and two lights, but these two things far surpass my knowledge. He really truely does not know how a screwdriver works. He tried one time. It was my sons birthday and I got a free standing basketball hoop that needed to be put together. I physicaly could not do it. Nathan begs B to pllleeaaasseeee help, so he does. 1 hour goes byy, the two, then I hear this BANG BANG BANG in the garage.This just is not right I think. I go out and he is trying to put a part where it does not belong. I turn the top of the hoop the other way and tell him this is where the screws belong, thus taking away his beloved manhood ego.

It was a good moment for me, not it was a great moment since I am never right ....so it is said.



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happyandblue2 said...

LOL. Glad you are feeling better..