A dream that came true and freaked me out.

Alot of dreaming as of late. Here is one of my most prophetic ones. It has been a strange gift that pops up here and there throughout my life. I may write more and share more later, but for now this one stands out.

I had an old boyfriend contact me not too long ago. I din't email him back, because as much as I don't like it, I still am in a realationship, one that will soon end because of his gambling addiction, but damn it I am always faithful, no matter what.

That night I had this dream:

He invited me to his beautiful home which was on a lake here in Florida. We talked and he was kissing me, and it felt so gooood to have that attention. After I left, I looked back at his home to find out that it was devestated, the garage was all bashed in and the home looked like it was hit by a hurricaine.His home was ruined.

I woke up and I knew in my gut that he was married, or with someone. I also had a very strong feeling after waking up saw in my head he was expecting a child, I saw a woman pregnant. It was so overwhelming I can't describe it.

I emailed him back, and told him that I felt really uncomfortable, to please not to take it personally, and I told him about the dream. Then at the end, I said the crazy thng is, you have gotten married havent you, and I thought I saw a child.

I was witing for this answer like what in the world are you talking about woman!!

Instead I got: Oh my god.

He emailed me back in awe and wondered what else I saw in his crystal ball. I told him a long harmonius happy life as long as you don't chase after other women who could ruin your home.

Needless to say I felt good that I knew, and I did not hurt someone else, myself or a childs future, as I know that there is a special plan for them all.



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