I went to some of my number one favorite sites today....and posted a few witty humerous remaks...so I thought...and my comments were...deleted, NOT ONE ONE SITE BUT TWO.

How does one take this. Should I consider myself banned from the world of fellow bloggers? Should I no longer use humor to comment to the blogging world. I could but the: Your blog is super, or swell blog, or I could become a spammer, but I don't know how to spam, but I know it tates real bad.

I think after getting three teacher phone calls about my son not doing his homework makeing me feel worthless as a mother because I did not know, having an icky headache behind my left eyeball, threatened by a hurricaine, having two friends die in a wreck, and finally to top it all off by being deleted well......maybe I should just call it a week, and go visit the captain...Captain Morgan that is.



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happyandblue2 said...

I like humorous comments. Any comments actually, tee,hee.
I will never delete any comment you leave like those other snooty sites..