Do aliens do the dishes?

Every Sunday it has become a tradition for me to cook my kids a biggg sunday morning brunch. the deal is, if they let Mom sleep in, they will sooner or later they will be served upon. This morning was fresh, fluffy, buttery biscuts, scrambled eggs perfectly done, crisp bacon, grits swimming in butter, and the best orange juice made here in town that I am addicted to. Yesterday at the stoe I also bought myself some hardcore coffee tha I love that may have the side effects of growing chest hair, I figure I may be leading my children on to early stages of heart disease!

For 3 weeks I was on strike, no more breakfast for anyone, upset of the lack of care for me as I was in pain, however, after the death of my two friends, I figured that this is one thing I love doing, and they will remember for the rest of their lives, and I can't hold a grudge because my children are acting...well...as children.

My dishwasher and garbage disposal have both decided to no longer cooperate. This was challanging in the beggining as I wouod forget that the garbage disposal was not working and would scrape all the dinner into the sink, only having to dig it out with my hands later. Ick.

This is the one strange thing I cannot figure out, and must take it to therapy. At first, I was pissed that it's bad enough my day isn't long enough and piled with too many things to do, now I have to take am extra 15 minutes to wash and dry the dishes. This morning, washing the dishes and drying them brought about a strange sense of accomplishment.

About 10 years ago, I was able to hang the clothes out on a line in the back yard. Since then, this is a socially unacceptable thing to do, and there are no longer laundry lines made for the back yard. But hanging them and taking them down, and the smell of them so clean...was...good.

Maybe I was born in the wrong era. As a woman I do love having the ability to hold a job, and voice my opinion, however, honestly, if I had a choice in it all...I would rather be a stay at home mom, having time to iron, and keep my house clean the way I want it, being able to go to the kid field trips, and involved in the school. This brings me the truest sense of accomplishment, which I battle in my soul everymorning when I get up for work, and there just isn't enough time t be mom in between, or exaustion takes over.

In todays society if you are married and you don't want your spouse to work, this is now a sacrifice, and not realy an option as the cost of living is increadable. If you are single, well you are just screwed, you have one income and are constatntly thinking, how can I make more money?

Then there are the other moms who I call the "super moms" that I think must be taking some sort of "speed." They are the ones who get up at 5 am and jog for an hour, come home jump in the shower make the kids breakfast, pack the lunches and drop them at school, and don't forget to bring the homemade cupcakes from the night before made for the school party. Then she walks into work smiling does her job for 8 hours, goes home, starts the laundry , helps with the kids homework, starts dinner, does the dishes, helps with little Johnnys science project, while sewing a button back on her sons shirt.

I on the other hand wake up push the coffe button on, curse the morning, tell the kids to make theri own breakfast or they'll be hungry later, drive the kids to school realizing Mchael probably hasn't brushed his teeth in a week, and Oh my god there is a party today, run to the grocery store getting store made cupcakes,walk into work grumbling, and sorry I'm late...again, looking down seeing the big coffee splotch on my white no so ironed shirt, go home and do the rest but tell Nathan, he better do his project on his own if he wants clean clothes and dinner, start the dishes, putting all the food in the disposal that does not work for the 100th time, and then curse the non working dishwasher and kick it, with the kids saying "Ummmm mommy said a curse word" and sewing?? Whats that?

The not so Almighty
Heidi :)

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