Do Aliens Work Out?

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away"

I found that quote the other day, and as corney as it is, I love it. I was reminded of it last night at the gym.

My gym has an upstairs to it that is glass so that you can see everyone upstairs in yoga, or spinning or whatnot. Lastnight was kick boxing. I was just getting off the treadmill, and my legs were a bit woobly, and even though I was on the floor, it felt like I was still on the treadmill. I look up and see a kickboxing class. It honestly looks like alot of fun. I see the back row. In the back row are all the people that have no coordination, thus they are in the backrow hiding. I saw this one man, and he would punch his right arm when it was supposed to be his left, kick his left leg when it was supposed to be his right, step forward when they were stepping backwards. It made me grin from ear to ear, because he could havce been my twin, thus I don't take kickboxing classes. Just about the time I let out a little snicker, I trip over an eliptical machine right in front of a fantastic looking male. He...snickered at me. It was carma I guess, but after my face turning bright red, and making me not breathe for an entire minute. I don't know if moments are made out of this, but my life is filled with them.

Thus my nickname given to me by my father...



Rainypete said...

Your Dad's awesome!

MaQuade said...

Here's a similar one that I've always liked:

Love is not measured in moments of time, but in timeless moments.