I want to sell drugs

Another day, another dollar. I have a helper at work that just started last week. She has helped me with some of my duties, so that when the bookeepers assistant leaves, I can take his job, as well as the one I have now. Yes, I am sick like that. The perks is that the bookeeper is swell, and if it wern't for her I would not have a lot of loyalty to the company. She buys me starbucks non fat vanilla latte's every Monday and Wednesday. I am sure my company cell phone bill is past it's limit on a monthly basis, and she lets me borrow vacation time from next years schedule due to my kids being sick every other month this year, and me missing alot of work.

Ok background so you understand where I am going with this pathetic life story:

My dream was to become and ARNP but many things have come to not make that possible...a back injury, and that whold atetempted murder thing on my record, well...medical schools just don't like that for some reason... (kidding people..kidding)


I know that I do not want to be stuck in a job only making 25,000 a year. It's just not an option with three children. Very limited finances+ 3 children = nervous breakdown. My friend Mary (Yes I have A friend) works at Keller University, and they offered me a job there, for less than what I am making now, however they would pay for me to get my MBA. Oh my god. What an incredably hard decsion to make. My brain hurts.I want to go back to school sooooo bad, and most of the courses are online, so I am able to still be super workaholic mom..let's see very limited finances+ 3 Children + full time weird job+ full time school= big time mega nervous breakdown. Actually I did this for a year of nursing school and it did take it's toll, however I had to be in class 5 days a week on top of work and kids. I lost 20 lbs though and my mother thought I was anoorexic or had cancer and was going to die. It was called lack of eating, and sleeping.

The scary thought's in Heidi's brain:

I do have loyalty twoards the bookeeper, and the flexability my job has let me have with my children. But...I can't do what I am doing forever, if I want to oh, let's say own a home, or get my kids started in life with some sort of college education. Damn I didn't stop by the store for french bread. Oh we'll well have spagetti and meatballs..no bread.... So for now I have a plan. At the end of December I am going to meet with my friend Mary who just got married...poor Mary I don't really like her new husband...he sure is an ass... and her friend the finacial aid counselor to see what I can get. Surly, single mom with three kids can get a whole shit load of finacial aid. Hey wow, I really need to paint my toenails, I need to get some lottery tickets, win, and then I could go on a cruise, get a nanny and a maid, dump what's his name....get a BMW.....have a drink with one of thos umbrella thingies and pineapple in it... So we'll see where that leads me...school paid for...verses free vanilla lattes...school paid for verses not getting written up for my kid being sick for the 100th time this year....*sheesh* I do like the latte's. Wow that guy on tv's hot...man if I do win the lottery, I'm gonna buy him, lay on the beach and do very nasty.... I have decided to stay at the job I have now.

I know it's frightning.

So what would I do with an MBA? It hit me the other night. I could sell drugs. Lot's and lot's of drugs and make money doing it. I know I would be good at it. Seen it a million times where I worked.

I'm talking about pharmcutical rep. people *sheesh* I have the knowledge of medicine, and the body, I am kind of a nerd that way, and with an MBA, I could apply for anyone of the major drug companies, because they do require a degree. gUeSS tHeYS DOnT LIke uS StoOpiD fOlK.


The drug dealer wanna be.

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schaumi said...

Go for the degree and rely heavily on friends, family for a while. It will only be hard for a few years. You can do it.