I have no voice

Saturday night I was feeling kinda icky. Tuesday I went to the doc and told him I felt icky. He said thats nice and sent me home. Thursday and Friday i have no voice, freeky hallucinationg dreams from fever, my ear hurts, I scratched my cornea, which makes me feel like I constatnly have an eyelash in my eye...and I'm coughing up stuff that looks like it is from an alien planet. I'm sick, want to live in a hot bath tub, and when I am done...I want my mommy. I finally got antibiotics today, which I am pissed because if I would have gotten them Tuesday, I would have been fine today.

I have given up on the insignifigant other offering any sympathy when am ill, I found that out the first time I was sick that that was not included in our package deal. So I have my kids making hot tea for me, handing me the remote, and bringing me boxes of tissues. I have been voted this years "Rudolf the rednosed reindeer".

Speaking of noses....we have a guest at our house. A dog. We are housesitting a "pug". They have to be the ugliest dog god ever created. He forgot to make them a snout, and the tail is like a pigs. This dog won me over. It too has a cold, and has lost it's barking voice. it was pitiful. So we both lay on the couch together in agony. He loves attention, and will take anyone lap that is offered. (This makes since as he is of the male species). Last night I could not sleep. I had one of those coughing fits. *cough ocugh cooouugghhhh* *hacK* then I thinkI'm done right. Nope, the back of the throat and chest tickle untill you have to do it again. *cough cough COUGH HACK* Oh there we go..I think I spit up a lung this time. The dog lay sound asleep on my lap like nothing ever happened. Oh yeah I almost forgot, the dog snores...REALLY snores, which since I was not sleeping with B, helped me fall asleep. So I figured it out...a dog would be a step up in companionship....I think I will dognap this one.

The owners named the dog Carl. Who names thier dog Carl anyways? It's like "here Bob, here boy." or "Come here bill." "Linda, here linda....goodgirl. Linda likes it when I scratch her belly doesnt she..awww good girl" Maybe it is just me. My next door neighbors dog was named Heidi and every time they called my name, I did come running....

Well, it's there flu time gotta run...



happyandblue2 said...

I bet you are a cute Rudolph. And you should keep the dog..

schaumi said...

poor rudolph. dorky insignificant other. hope you feel better soon.
and have a good christmas.