New Year's Resolutions

We all got through Christmas ok. I am going to take Happy and blue's advice http://happyandblue2.blogspot.com/ and just dognap the dog we have been dog sitting. I am thinking of telling the owner that his dog was abducted by aliens so I can keep him. It is a strange thing how an animal completes a family. My middle son who has always had a streak of anger has stepped up to the plate of responsibility, and has taken very good care of the dog since I was a big green loogie for the past week. It is amazing how the animal brought about a softer, nurturing side to my boy. I guess it is the ying yang of the thing.

I figure now is about the time where everyone writes there new years resolutions, so best I keep up with everyone else. So here it goes:

1. I think I will maybe, really try, to use spell check...not on every blog, I must take ...baby steps. I have problems with commitment.

2. I, the Almighty Heidi, will wash my car next week. I am not sure about the rest of the year, but again, being a comitaphobic, this is as good as it gets.

3. I will have no more children. This one I know for sure because I can't have anymore munchkins, so there is no actual commitment involved, and I am 100 percent certain that if the hand of god down came down from heaven and touched me and said...Heidi, I wilst givest thou another child, I might commit sucicide. Or, at least check into the nearest inpatient psychiatric facility. I don't think they had these options back in the biblical days, and if one woman did say "Screw this" and jumped of a holy mountain somewhere...they never wrote it down. I don't think they had chocolate therapy back then....so what were they to do? I think when Sarah laughed when she found out she was "with child' at 92 or whatever...and then she laughed...it was the laugh of a hysterical madwoman. I have heard that crazed lunatic laugh, I did that when Michael came along. But if Matthew, Mark, Luke or John would have written a woman screaming hysterically, the bible would be that more belivable, comprhendable, and followed by every woman on earth. Women...just need to relate.

4. I, will use my gym membership...sometime in 2006.

5. Oh here is a biggie for you all...I had to throw this one in the middle just to keep you awake......The Almightiest Heidi....am quitting smoking. If you happen to see any ranting, prozac moment type of blogs after January 1st. It is just withdrawls.

6. I will win the Florida Lottery, and write about how filthy rich I have become.

7. I will pay off my credit cards...so by then end of 2006, I can charge them up all over again at Christmas.

8. I might balance my checkbook.

9. This one is my favorite: I will not give up my every other weekend, my kids are gone, 3 drink minimum night out.

10.I will only have one hair color for an entire year. This is HUGE, as I am a hair coloring, hair cutting addict. I have already had all the hair chopped, so the madness has got to stop. Where will the insanity end???

That is all the commitment I can make for this year. Hope you all have a Happy and Healthy 2006.




schaumi said...

Hey, whaddaya doing with my New Years resolutions?
Except I quit smoking 20 years ago and don't dye my hair...
and I might start double spacing the paragraphs in my posts.

Rainypete said...

Good luck on the smoking thing. I don't know if you can do the one hair color and smoking quitting deal, but we await the entertaining entries from an Almighty Strung-Out Heidi!!

happyandblue2 said...

My original comment is missing. Stupid word verification. Or is it my crappy word verification random letter typing.
Anywho, I popped in to wish you a very Happy New Years. And all the best for 2006..

MaQuade said...

Item #5: