Stepped on a crack that broke your mothers back???

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned, it has been over a month since my last entry.

Let me explai. I have had 2 bad disks in my back. In April, after a few months of bliss from a spinal block, the pain started creeping up again. Then one day after going to pick up my sons bike out of the yard, I bent over....and was writhed with a pain that has no words.

Emergency rooms now a days don't care. Twice I had been in, and they give you a few shots in the ass, some pills and send you home without even an MRI.

It turns out while waiting to get enough money up to get an MRI done to meet my insane deductible, I had totally de-sected the disk..it was no longer in between the two bones, ut in the spinal canal, thus the immense pain that everyone thought I was a wus about. My Dr after the surgery said this was the worse disk he had ever seen. They even named it.

The next day my Dr, saw the MRI, shook his head, and sent me for emergency surgery, from which I am now recovering. Two days later my father goes into the hospital where he is the helicoptered over to another hospital for his own emergency surgery. This was suckie for me, because on the selfish side, my mom was to come over for a week and help me fucntion, and I was left all by myself to fend, with what little help I got from the kids. Then I was an emotional messs from all the drugs in the hopital, and finally crashed full force into a black hole when my dad went in to the hospital.

Ever been in a black hole? I am not the depressive type, but everyone has to go there sooner or later in their lives...and I went there.

But, I am back now. I am officially a percocet, and soma junkie, at least for the next six weeks. Recovery is a bitch and I just don't have the patience for it. MY work has been cool, but there is only so long they are going to be that way. At home there is no such thing as 'Recovery"Kids expect you to go back to super mom hood, and the insignifigant other has not lifted a finger to help, other to offer his advise, on how I should be doing things, or how I should be oarenting,and how my life wold be so much better. Shut the hell up, and just get be a fucking pillow.-

Other than that...it's all good:)



X. Dell said...

Heidi, trust me, if I could I'd get you a pillow AND a beer.

schaumi said...

Ditto what x.dell said......plus I'd cook you a meal, vacuum your floors, pick up stubborn strings, water your flowers, shout at your insignificant other if you needed me too........
oh boy, what fun it is to offer all kinds of help when you can't deliver on those offers anyway :)
And I'm glad you are back with a corrected back that will hopefully last.

Rainypete said...

I'm just glad you're alive. Too bad you're way over there or we could team up and invade your home theraputic style!