Starbucks Stocks Going Down??

I read an article on CNN today and I do not know what to make of it. Stocks have been tumbling for starbucks about 20 percent. It also stated that their feircest rival is Dunkin Dougnuts.??

I am confused. I know that I, the Almighty Heidi, have funded much of Starbucks expansion in the central Florida area. 4 bucks for my grande non fat vanilla latte, and if the kids get something I am blowing easily over twenty bucks, and every now and then a girl just has to have an espresso brownie...(I think a god himself made this brownie).

Now dunkin doughnuts does have good coffee, but it is not the mercedes of coffee, for us hard core caffine addicts. I do not know where this competition comes in...and the atmosphere is not the same. I love the smell of Starbucks and the relaxed atmosphere, and music. Love it. There are mornings, I would just like to be hooked up to the latte machine, like an umbilical cord, and get my fix.

I am soo hard core I have my own espresso, latte' machine, coffe grinder, and all the fixin's, but nothing compares to having it handed to you made just right in the paper cup.

My concern is what happens if stocks continue to go down....will they start downsizing? Oh my GOD!! Will I have to go 20 milesout of my way to get my fix, because they closed down the stores on my way to work, or the bank, the store, and the sitter..and my parents house. OK I WILL.

What if they go bankrupt, and they stop selling coffee?? Am I doomed to finding black market starbucks on the internet, thats really not starbucks at all, but it costs me 1 grand to get...I might just consider it.

Will there be Starbucks rehabs made all around the globe.. for those of us having severe withdrawls? Oh god, I do not want to be around the president of this company when that happens. Life will be miserable. Teachers will be giving bad grades, people will be losing there jobs because they can't function in the morning, and damn it the whole econmmy might just collapse. And where the hell am I gonna get an espresso brownie when it's that time of month?


Almighty Heidi


X. Dell said...

I'm guessing that for the moment Starbucks will have to cut their expansion by opening up a store on every other block. They're more numerous than rats here (NYC) now.

I'm wondering if this has anything to do with their new record label.

foam said...

i have to drive 40 miles to the nearest starbucks...
at least it's the starbucks i'm aware of.
actually i've only been in a starbucks twice. no make that once..

Rainypete said...

I've tried it, but the cost keeps me from going all the time. In these parts Tim Hortons is king.