Bad Day

Today is a bad day. I wish it would go away. I wish this f'ing year would end.

Not so almighty


Wizened Wizard said...

I'm sorry you're having a bad day... and it happens to be the day you visited me at Shaman and Wizard.

Maybe this will brighten things up: I have a horse named HEIDI, affectionately called "Tidy Heidi" for her excellent habit of going outside of her stall to pee. She's also very LARGE, so maybe "Almighty Heidi" is also suitable... : ) Now don't you feel better?

foam said...


foam said...

LOL at the wizard ..
good to see her out and about ..

AlmightyHeidi said...

Ohhhh visited by a wizard. Kewl.I too will never pee in my stall...so we are much alike:)
Hugs to you foam!

FANCY said...


And thank you for your comment in Contemplation group blog.

Today is not an ordinary day this day is right now and what ever we feel about it there will be another day after this and that - nothing or nobody can change ;)