The Aliens Are Addicts

This past few weeks have been so up and down and all around, I am a bit dizy from it all. What’s a girl to do with all this stress…Well eat chocolate of course. Yum, so I indulged in some M&M’s this morning, that with a multivitamin, made it the breakfast of choice. Why the heck not, life has been pretty suckie, so, in making myself feel better..that is my excuse. It is better to eat M&M’s than to chew on my pens at work. They are all pretty nasty, but it does keep my coworkers away from my pen stash. They are scarce around here, and they always know which ones are mine.

Also this weekend I had..oh..yes..a cinnamon dolche grande non fat latte, no whip.

I have not been to starbucks in months..it was like crack to a crack whore. I was in heaven.

I also colored my hair, which is one of my favorite addictions (Hey can’t let all the hotties know I have some grey hair, that is why I think GOD himself invented hair color).

Speaking of addictions, I have another one…chap stick..oh baby my lips BURN!! This morning, with the cold weather, the aliens in my brain were saying *chap stick chapstick..go get some chap stick*I have no more chapstick left. Now when I wet my lips…it burns, it burns...ugggh. So I actually left work at lunch to get some relief in a cherry flavored tube of my new addiction…ahhhhhh…much better.

So now with all my addictions taken care of..oh and yes I had a Captain Morgan and coke last night, just to chill…yo ho ho and a bottle of Yum!!!

Ok, where was I, Oh yes, now that all my addictions were taken care of..all at once this weekend, you might be saying, *sheesh*, she went on a bender, what happened to her?

Haircoloring, m&m eating, star-cracking, captain morgan-ing, pen chewing and chap stick…woW!

Well Imagine if you had a significant other. And you shared the bills. And then he said..well I have decided since I cant find my hairspray, that I am deducting over half the amount he contributes (which aint enough)a month from the money that he puts twoards the bills (which includes his car and insurance yadda yadda. I pay all the bills, I get the stress of it all.

Yup…right during Christmas, as if to punish me. lLke I am a child!!! Forcing me to get a second job, and knowing I was on my way out to get a Christmas tree, that now I could not get. What a dick head.

Sooo after a few hours he said he did not really mean it…he just wanted to forth a point, that he is upset that he had to get his socks out of the dryer that morning, and then he could not find the hairspray..and oh my god..he had a spot on his nike shirt….2 year old tantrum…shit happens man..

I did not put up a tree yet, I just wrapped the lights around the porch. I am not sure what he is and isn’t going to do, so I just sit still and wait...and still trying to be "festive" for the kids.

Also my daughter was in such bad pain this weekend. She cant walk anymore, and she is trying to tough it out until her appointment on Thursday. I think they are going to admit her that day for pain control and go ahead and do the surgery as well. I have already started laundering her pajamas and socks. My mom instinct is rarely wrong. I gave my boss a heads up too that I might be out of work a week. (And no more vacation days left..thats wonDERful). (But I would miss a year of work for my daughter if I had too)

Meanwhile B knew I had to miss a week of work in October due to my daughters accident..and even though ihe makes a shitload of money..do you think he might offer to help with my lack of funds that month...don't be silly..silly people.

So to make myself feel better about the whole B situation I have come up with some ideas..I am thinking of putting blue dye in his hairspray bottle..that would be fun. All his grey hairs..ooops blue, how’d that happen, Silly me..I didn’t mean it?

Also he is allergic to cats, so Im thinking of taking his underware to my parents home, they have 6 cats, and rubbing his pretty panties all over the kitties, so he’d have to scratch his crotch all day at work…Ohh funny..I like that one…. ok I am sooo doing this and posting pictures.. of the cats..(not the crotch, it is not that interesting anyways) with underware..





MaQuade said...
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MaQuade said...

See??? *THIS* is why I *KNOW* I gotta get YOU before YOU get ME!!! Underwear rubbed all over cats. That is just pure... evil... GENIUS!!!

Not sure I understand why you're waiting on the tree though. He relented on the stupid hair-spray thing right? Nice touch with the blue, by the way. Laxitive in the coffee could be fun too. Remind me to tell you a story about that...

Anyway, I say get the tree! And if Kayla is going into the hospital... get a mini-tree for her room. She can't come to Christmas? I say take CHRISTMAS to HER! :)


Leon Basin said...

They sure are!

foam said...

what a dick ..

AlmightyHeidi said...

amen foam, amen