Got Beer?

I despise shopping in walmart. I would rather go to Target, but my lack of funds this year took me to this dreaded pit where all the peophiles and overbearing mothers live. Seriously..have you ever looked around at a walmart..people there scare me.
So I finally got my Christmas tree...it is beautiful. I am standing in line with it, and there is a man in the next isle..looking at me and my basket of Christmas, and he said with a sad tone.."Yeah..we just got our tree too" I was not depressed about it, I was actually feelin kinda cheerful. He looked pitiful, the economy has him by the balls to. But as I was starting to feel sorry for him, I notice he is wearing a pair of battery operated reindeer antlers that are swaying back and forth on his head, and then his shirt. The shirt was a dirty white, with his big ol gut sticking out, and written in black was "GOT BEER?"
I could not help but chuckle to myself.

Then as I am standing in line at the checkout, with a dozen people behing me, the walmart lady says, "Would you like to apply for a Walmart Credit Card" I politly said no and she asked again, this time telling me I could save 20 off my purchase. I thought for a second..hmm twenty dollars. The guy behind me must have felt my thought, because him and the dozen others behind me were giving me the "eye". which meant, DONT YOU DARE FILL OUT THE CREDIT FORM AND MAKE US WAIT ANOTHER 30 MINUTES IN LINE.

So I told the lady again "No thank you"

Howver the Evil Almighty Heidi wanted to say es..just to see the reaction of the people behind me.

Woo hhahahahhaa.


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Anonymous said...

We have a lot of red nose Rudolph reinders here too.

Merry Christmas