The Eldest Alien Child

Sundays the house is filled with the smell of whatever is cooking on the slow cooker. We had BBQ pulled pork and cornbread. I made some fresh green beans and alfredo noodles. The house smelled so yummy all day, and my stomach was growling like a bear. I had done so much cleaning and shopping all day long, I was looking forward to a peaceful dinner and a glass of wine…and a hot bubble bath. Turned out I did not have any wine, and was too tired to go to the store…so settled for some hot coffee instead...not the same, but still good out on the porch on a BEAUTIFUL evening.

Sundays I tend to think a little too much about life, and what’s going on with me, and although sometimes that can be good, it is a rough road sometimes take a hard honest look at everything.
I was just starting to feel like total crap about myself then….

My daughter said "I figured something out today”

“What” I asked her

“You ARE my REAL mom.” She said very seriously, then left the room.


It was so out of the blue, and utterly silly that it had me rolling..and tears started to come out of my eyes. I do need to ask her later now that I think of it where she thinks that she might have come from…I know I used to pretend I was adopted, but I did not like my mom. Ha!

Ok Kayla…have another pain pill.

My kids are goofy, and just in the midst of feeling bad about myself, or working through my issues, these silly little things just make me smile…and bring me back to sanity...the sanity of living just for today..taking todays gifts, and loving the simple joy.

Almighty Heidi

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foam said...

out of the mouths of babes, eh?