My Dream

I had a dream last night that was so vivid. And I have so many twisted emotions about marriage and relationships..well I'm trying to see what the universe is trying to show me here...

I was a bride, but I looked down at my gown and realized I had on Orange Silk (I do not like orange, but this was pretty). Then I caught my reflection in a window and realized that I was Indian.(not american indian, but from India). exotic,very pretty (and thin).

I knew I was getting married, but we were at a large hotel and I could not remember which room it was in. My friend asked a woman who worked there, and says…"Oh you are with the ROYAL wedding”, and pointed me in the direction I was supposed to go. When she said that, just then I remember I came from “Royal blood” Cool I thought, this is going to be a kick butt wedding .

Before I entered the area where I was to get married, a woman and a man approached me and said “Here it is tradition that you wear this” What was strange about this, is even though I was Indian I did not know the traditions? Funny.

Even more unsettling was this was a live lizard about 5 inches long that had a mean set of teeth known for biting peoples faces, and tearing them to shreds. I was like heck no. She then said “Wear this flower, (which looked like a miniature hibiscus), and he won’t bother you.” I really wanted to get married so I put on the flower, and sure enough the lizard buried his face in the flower, and went to sleep.

I went down the isle, and had a ceremony. There was something important in the ceremony but I can’t remember it now.

I remember that I was disappointed, because royalty should have real flowers, and there were silk ones..eww.

Then, instead of you may kiss the bride, the ceremony went into like a part two. All of a sudden, my bridesmaids lifted the orange wrap off me, and underneath it was an off white, whitish cream color beautiful dress.

Then I realized the dragon lizard ho was supposed to bite by face off had disappeared.
I had to walk down a winding isle..it was an isle that lead to an outdoor place where the ceremony would finish up. Here there were real flowers. This isle was for the bride, and I was getting ticked off, being in a hotel, these tourists kept walking opposite in direction of me in the same isle. Most of them were ignorant to the ceremony going on. Finally the hotel staff blocked off the isle, and all was well again.

Then an old wise woman (like a medicine woman) of the “tribe” came to me and had me close my eyes. She pressed on each one one at a time with this small tube (like a chapstick tube) and says “Oh yes, she does not have much self esteem does she” and then she went to my soon to be spouse did the same thing, and she had the same issues. She said, it is ok, we will work on that.

Then she took my hand and looked, and said..ahh..the three bones, and rubbed her index finger between the finger bones in the top of my hand, and said.."Oh she has good Karma” and did the same to my soon to be spouse and said “Ohh they has good karma too”
Our hands were bound, and I did this dance, and then my hands were bound to his, we kissed, and then the little red dot was put on my forehead. It was done..then I woke up.

Any Insights?



Rolf said...

I know it is very good to get a gift in the dream. The hibiscus flower will protect you.

My insight is that it was a very good dream. Take good care of that flower.

And of course you are a royalty a princess a Queen

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thank you ROLF :)

MaQuade said...

OK, here's my 2 cents, but keep in mind that I'm biased for obvious reasons...

The whole concept of the beginning being strange and foreign probably speaks for your past relationships in general... they were not the 'norm' in terms of situations you were in and how things turned out. The lizard could be fear or danger or mistrust; the flower was the 'wall' you put up to guard yourself.

The winding path was just that... your winding path through the past many years. The people passing by being clueless and going the other way reresent your feelings of life passing you by or going a different way than you'd wanted, while watching other people go on obvlivious to your feelings. The traditional white-ish dress is, at first, your inner dream and hope that there was still... well... hope! Thats why the flower and lizard are gone. You've dropped the walls, and the worst of the fear is gone- there is still some normal worry, but it's manageable.

Then things start happening... People get out of your way and off your aisle. Suddenly you're feeling that you've been noticed- that you're SIGNIFICANT and important in peoples lives. Your shaman woman is a manifestation of you being back in touch with yourself and your 'soon to be' spouse... your grasp of emotions, your grasp of love, and your grasp of BEING loved. She tells you that you both have insecurities that you'll work on, and both have good Karma. This is how MUCH you two have in common- You obviously 'GET' each other on many levels. Karma is all encompassing and you both have good karma together; and you both have dropped your guard and overcome your individual doubts and fears to be together. Now the white dress is symbolic of a sense of 'FINALLY' something REAL and that you've always imagined!

The remaining red dot is the change in you from the shut-in to the hopeful. It is the symbol that the FINALLY REAL that you've always imagined is different from what you've had, but it's here. And perhaps it's that he is a bit different from whom you've normally chosen in your life... In mannerisms, termerament, and background.

Again, just my 2 cents and as usual, it's worth at LEAST a quarter.


foam said...

wow, heidi ..
what a dream.
and following maquade's answer ..
i'm not sure what else i could add.
in a way it's interesting to find yourself walking down the aisle as a bride in a dream considering that you are looking forward to the end of your lease.
you know ..
should you seek romance again in the future, maybe you should go against type.

AlmightyHeidi said...

MaQuade, your insight is worth at leas a buck fifty:) I have had alot of time to digest this deam, and wow...thanks for helping out:)
Foam...Wow is right...and if I do seek romance, I will go against the grain I think:)