Remembering To Breathe

Today is a lazy saturday...so nice to take a break of the everyday and just be. Not to think too much, analize anything..just enjoy the moment that you have been blessed with. It really is my spirit just taking a looonnggg deeeppp brreeaatthh. I feel like I have needed that for a long time. Since starting my workouts of a full time basis, days seem to be a bit longer, and work has been a bit harder. So tonight I sit...with the pugs in my lap giving me uncoditional love, a glass of wine..favorite fuzzy socks, and my down comforter remembering to breathe.

I have been watching my father in his process of my mom leaving. He is trying to figure out after 40 years who he is without her. I see the strength start to build everyday. To start facing the pain, maybe even embracing it a bit, and learning that he can indeed move forward. Funny how looking through family photos..things just dont stay the same..granparents pass on, we grow older, our parents age, my children keep on growing..no picture ever stays the same. Change will happen. I have fought against it. Maybe I need to embrace...change and quit fighting with it all the time...moving forward is better than backwards.

Manwhile I am thinking about posting a curb alert on Craigs list: "Three teenagers, take one, take all" they have just had too much time together lately and are on each others last nerve and mine.


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MaQuade said...

Some might say that without change, we wouldn't have to worry about things taking a turn for the worse in our lives. OK, fair enough... But I'm a 'cup is half full' thinker... Without change, we'd never have a chance for improvement, and we'd naver have a chance of getting something better for ourselves, or for more happiness and fulfilment.

As for the kids... Maybe they just need a nap or a fresh bottle or their diapers changed? What do I know... I don't have kids yet :)