Troubled Mind

I have heard from a friend that they are jones-ing for the latest adventures of the Almighty Heidi. I have been a slacker this week, I will admit.

I think with all the junk that I have been going through, my subconcious is trying to make it all better, or make sense out of it, and the emotions, so I have been vividly dreaming every night like CRAZY.

So here is what goes on in this troubled mind this past week:

Dream 1: I had a dream again about marriage. *sheesh* the last thing that I REALLY want to think about. In this dream I was wearing this big old rock but it was a flat diamond, very odd, and not flattering. However I was so proud of it and showing everyone.

Dream 2: Sex dream..soo not gonna share this one :o)..but it was deliciously naughty.
Bow chickie wow wow.

Dream 3:I dreamed of moving into my new apartment, and it was off of a lake. The breeze was blowing and it was very calming. This is so me because I have always lived near the water, I love it. The rent was decent, and when I looked out the window, across Lake Orienta was my good friends house.
This dream was just peace..moving out meant peace.

Dream4: I went to the hospital with Kayla and we were going to pain management. The doctor was a very strange looking redhead, whom I swore I knew from the past, but could not put my thumb on it. This doctor assured us he would help Kayla, and said all the right things for my daughter.
This dream is what im hoping for, that someone would just fix my daughters back so she is not in pain.

Dream 5: My mom left to meet her boyfriend in KC. My dad was at work and I was off that day. I got a call that he died. My brother was flying back home from Japan, and my mother came home. The house was in shambles that her and my dad owned, and she told me that since she left it was my responsibility to fix it up, and come over every day to take care of the cats. I was LIVID, and told her, you makde the mess, YOU clean it up. then she said "See it was all in gods plan that me and John are together" making it a good point that my father had passed. At this point I got physically violent with her.

I think this dream was self explanitory as my mom has made the mess out of leaving my father, so she needs to clean it up, and its not my job. :)

Latte' from the mind of the Almighty.


MaQuade said...

I would add to the dream about your father that it wasn't actual death, just the loss of his spirit amongst the chaos of this sort of event. Anger and 'violence' toward your mom... well... self explanatory.

The flat diamond is symbolic of the flat and lever surface of the relationship you were having that was resulting in the marriage. What you were excited about (and showing off) was the relationship that you've always wanted, not so much the diamond in and of itself.

My two cents.

As always... Worth at least a quarter :)

Anonymous said...

Delicious naughty sounds very good. I want to have more sexdreams, good ones.

I also like the peace in dream 3.
And the dream 4 must be a true dream

foam said...

i dreamt of clark gable last night ..
WTF! had not seem a movie with him in it in ages.

anyway .. having dreams really helps you process what's going on in your life ..

but i just want to know ..
with WHOM were you doing the bow chickie wow wow .. :) ?

MaQuade said...
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MaQuade said...

Don't know what my post is showing as being removed, but here it was:

Hey, yeah- Foam makes a good point! WITH WHOM???

AlmightyHeidi said...

Delicious naughty *IS* good!!!
and my sex dream with whom?? Actually someone I know so it makes it all that much more delicious:)Woohooo.

I hope you all had a great weekend.