Planet Fitness

So if you remember for C
hristmas, B got me a membership to a gym...(not out of the goodness of his heart)
B makes ALOT of money, and has issues with money, and can never seem to keep a grasp of it. So I knew the day would come...My gym membership BOUNCED his bank account (and he got upset at me for it..jackass) This did not bother me, because I knew it was coming, and it made me want to use the gym even more. *evil grin* Karmas a bitch.

I had my five am workout, first this week, I’ve been slacking. It felt good though. Here are a few of the things I noticed today while on the elliptical Machine.

1. The place I go to is called “Planet Fitness” I thought this is a well suited name for my gym, since my blog is “Aliens have Invaded My Brain”. At least they have a place to work out.

2. My rate is cheap, a bit over 20 bucks a month, which makes it an overzealous, over packed gym, and the only time you can work out is at 5 am.

3. When you walk in, there are two sides to the gym. The side to the left is for the “Bouncers”. Seriously..the left side everyone is bounding up and down on the elliptical, or the treadmill. Then on the Right is the “Thug” side. All the guys pumping iron, looking at themselves in the mirror. If and when I get my new phone I’ll sneak a video..It’s REALLY funny looking.

4. Apparently, according to the “Hair cast” today is going to be a BAD hair day. Bummer.

5. On the news, it was announced somebody gave birth..to a kidney. Yes, it is true. Apparently a kidney was pulled out of a lady..through her Va Jay Jay, to transplant into another person. Medicine, pretty soon they will be doing sinus surgery through there too. Well be visiting the OBGYN for an earache…get on the table and spread em.

So I came home, cooked a healthy breakfast, had my coffee, took out the dogs, and life was good, for about 10 minutes.

I guess B heard me cooking breakfast and He sulked like a 2 year old when I did not make him any. We have different schedules, and he is not usually up. B decides that he is too sick to go to work, and as I leave he makes it a point to go into the kitchen looking for food…So he grabs some milk and cereal, glances at me like I’m not the devil for not making him eggs to, then cant find a bowl. Apparently I forgot to start the dishwasher, so he goes for a bowl in there and grabs a dirty one. In disgust he slams it down, slams the dishwasher door closed, and puts AWAY the cereal and milk..because..well In his mind he is too good towash a dish, therefore he will starve?? All 250 lbs of him?? HAHAHAHHAA. What a damn baby....

I actually laughed on the way out to the elevator. It felt good.

Almighty Heidi


foam said...

immature lad, ain't he?

but i have to say that it's admirable that you make it to the gym at 5 am /.
good for you!

i need to start going back to the ymca ..

it would make me feel better.

Rolf said...

5 am, it is very early.

I did look at myself in the mirror today, but first I did 30 minutes on the Summit trainer (on the bouncer's side).

AlmightyHeidi said...

Foam...3 times a week. I like the peace in the morning, but the initial getting out of bed is tourtre. I have been sleeping a TON better though.
Rolf..I hate mirrors.And good for you and your bouncy self!!

Rolf said...

The mirrors in the gym äre good to look in when you want to trigger the fighting spirit and when you want to do the movements correct.

And of course when you want to see how much bigger the biceps have become. But I don't build big muscles. I just want to sweat and bounce. I'm lucky, I can go to the gym on my lunch break.

You have a pretty face, so why not enjoy the mirror image...?

AlmightyHeidi said...

Rolf...Thanks for the compliment. I have a real bad self image of myself that I am trying to work on.To be brutally honest It is an every day battle to try and fix.