This has been a tough week of ilness, and I reallly felt better, but then got whammied last night. I have no voice, and this thing has sunk down into my lungs. It may be time to finally break down and see my doctor...but I dont want to with my one thousand five hundread dollar deductable. I hate this healthcare system...and I hate the doctors office.

In the meantime, Miss. Almighty came up with a brilliant plan at work to motivate her workouts...a contest!

So far there are only two of us, but I'm seeing at least 5. that might join. We did it a few years ago and had a blast leaving doughnuts on the other co-workers desks, and ther was alot of smack talk. ..and evil evil emails going back and forth.

However, my brilliant plan starts on Monday...and I am still sick.....great plan almighty... great plan...DUH!

The plan date was me denying that tight feeling I had in my chest yesterday.

Denial is my middle name.

Actually it is Kathleen, but..well.. ya know....


Almighty (Denial) Heidi


MaQuade said...
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MaQuade said...

Oops- don't know why it deleted my comment. Here it is again :)

I have an idea:

Try some healthier and vegetarian recipes when you're cooking for the next 12 weeks. Do you like tofu? There's actually quite a lot you can do with it. I've done wonders- Not a vegetarian, but sometimes, I just GOTTA have it!

Would be glad to share my own almightiness with you :)

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

interesting picture!!!

I agree with MaQuade: a healthy diet plus excercise does the trick!

(Hope, you won't ask if I am doing it...!)

I also never see a doctor. Not only because of the sick health system, but because they don't help people.

Anyway, you've gotta do something when you are ill and what usually works for us is lots of sleep and a fruit-diet where we only have raw fruit and salads. lots of water (both hot and cold!)with freshly squeezed lemon juice. three lemons a day should do the trick!

But no latte or anything else juncky... (well read about your love for latte and you sound like my husband...)

I hope, you will get well very soon!
I also got an anoyingly healthy site:

greetings from Scandinavia
Sarah sofia

AlmightyHeidi said...

Ahhh Sarah..Maquade the truth hurts, especially when I hit the scale this morning!!!