Spring Fever

Last night I dreamt of making blueberry sauce to put over my yogurt or cottage cheese this morning. Ohh feeling saucy. Hahaha. I woke up almost expecting it to be made in the kitchen. Bummer. I will make it tonight though…it was delicious in the dream. Amazing how we can taste smell, feel, and whatnot in dreams. Very cool.

I also had a dream a male peacock was chasing me? He was a meanie…trying nip at me. (ok, I could say something vulgar here..but I am holding back)

The weather has changed and it has given me spring fever. The flowers are blooming, the birds are out everywhere, the breeze is blowing up off the lake.....Ughh I got it bad. It is in the 70’s and I just want to be outside…all the time. I feel like a caged bird.I just wanna go ouuttttttsiiiddeee. I wish I at least had a window at work…. *Wahhh* Right about now I need towin the lottery so I no longer have to work, and can be irresponsible for awhile..and take off and go to the beach...and find a cabana boy to bring me drinks and...oh damn there I go daydreaming again.

The flu and mono have made it to everyone in my household now.. everyone but me. I am hoping to avoid it….washing my hands like I have OCD and cleaning everything. Nathan called me from school today with a fever. He and B are the last ones to get it…and with this, it is a virus, so it just has to run its course. I did find that Kayla felt better with some Epsom salts and I have some lavender I put in that made her feel better...well at least she smelled better anyways. HA! This flu makes the muscles just ache..everyone just felt like they were run over by a bus...again...I DO NOT WANT TO GET SICK, but the odds..are stacking up against me.

I have a new follower..Lisa. YAY!!! I found her by accident and became a fan. I think Lisa is a unique individual with the strong heart of a woman. I believe we all connect with each other on purpose. I hope you take a second out to read her blog. I have enjoyed it very much.
Well, nothing much to talk about, or make fun of today....so..im done rambling for now.


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Anonymous said...

I hope you did not get sick

Today we had lovely sunshine. And the days are getting brighter and brighter and a little bit warmer. If you count dawn and dusk we are having more sunlight than people at the equator.