Last night I sat on my patio sipping coffee. The weather is beautiful and do not want to go inside...here in this little space is a cocoon of peace. I do need this spot. I feel like so much has changed, I am transforming, and sometimes, I just need to sit still and let it all just be.

Gusts of warm wind blow up from the lake onto my face, and the sun is just about to drop under the trees. It is a beautiful sunset. Dang, I should have taken a picture!! I ponder about..well...I am honestly amazed at this strange feeling I have in my soul. Life can really throw alot at ya sometimes...but strangely..for today, I am calm, and feel...grateful... I am grateful for my life, I love and adore my children and friends and look forward to the future..I want to hold onto it, just for awhile....I want to savor it. ahhhhhh.

....At till I walk inside the home, and the dog peed on the floor, and the boys are fighting, and Kayla needs money for this or that, and I run into the pipe thats sticking out in the garage AGAIN....and Winston Churchill the pug finds the toilet paper again and unravels it all over the house while running with it in his mouth JOYFULLY prancing while I am chasing and yelling at him, and I find the 40000,ooo feather on the floor from my comforter..the feathers just keep apperaring even though I have vaccummed a thousand times. ..all while burning dinner for the third time this week....and accidentally bleaching my absolute FAVORITE shirt, then climbing on the elliptical for some self tourture, and finishing up the night with a load of dishes, scraping the burnt crap off the pan to no avail..

So for now..peace....later....a glass of wine..or two..or three...and a steaming hot bath.


Heidi the grateful one.


Lisa said...


try tequilia my love xx

foam said...

see what happens when you come in?
you just need to stay outside aaaaaallllllll the time and either spike your coffee or hang out with the captain more .. :)

ps: my doggy has the same issues with tp.