I had a dream last night. It was very self explanatory to my situation..and pulled no symbolc strings. This is the way it is and has been. I woke up and muttered "I know"...and had to deal with myself this morning..yes..before coffee. Never a good mixture...

Yesterday as I was writing my blog I had two images in my minds eye, one of a warrior, and one of a lion. The Lion was much the same as in the warrior image. Pacing...slowly..back

and forth..



Well you can see my blog has been updated a little bit. No quite a makeover, just a bit of tweaking.
I am still sleeping like a baby, that is untill my pugs last night decide that I must give off the most natural heat on my head...so imagine me..with not one but two pugs on my head. I wish I was awake enough to have had my camera.

And my 5 am workouts...im a slacker...it's been too damn cold out..yes In Florida..30 degrees in the am..we are not accustumed to that and I think we should have been allowed a "snow day" to stay home under the covers all day....I wil talk to Obama about that..to put it in his new stimulus plan somehow....Yes..I am a big baby and would never make it in the colder states..soooo
On march first...god said..let there be Almighty Heidi..and there I was born in Hawaii..in a pink hospital. It is very fitting..warm and girly...

I love warmth...I miss it...untill August..then I want cold again...*Sigh*

Now I am just rambling...


Almighty Heidi


Lisa said...

the lion is my totem animal- so much coiled power and grace xx

Anonymous said...

30 degree Farenheit
I can tell you it is the same temperature as I have where I live.
Florida weather, Orlando weather.

It can't be normal, can it?