Letting go..again..and again.

Sometimes in order to grow..we have to let go. It all began with our umbilical cords I suppose. Releasing the grip from my hand can be difficult. I want to hold onto fear, and nourish him for a bit in my mind. Hold him and caress him and feed him in my hand. Playing out all the “what if’s” that can happen. I want to wait for the shoe to drop, because it always does… Fear loves this and feeds on this..and has become my pet. Fear won’t leave me alone and requires constant attention, which I have found exhausting.

Then the Almighty Heidi comes out with her super sword and cape and says.."Enough, it’s time for you to go now."

And it leaves, slowly, tentacles trying to grasp onto my hand for every last second…It’s grip on me is gone, at least for today, he’s always looking to sneak back in. And I take a deep breath for the first time in days…realizing..that this..is nothing...I've been through worse and it's gonna be ok.

Glad I found my sword and cape...gotta make sure I don't misplace it next time!

Almighty Heidi


MilesPerHour said...

First time visitor here, but not the last. I found your posts very cool and interesting.

You have another follower.

boo boo said...
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AlmightyHeidi said...

Thank you MPH..you too have a new follower. I liked your blog as well. I hope you come back for many visits.

Cat said...

if only all of us could have found our swords and capes earlier on!

MaQuade said...

Your talent with metaphors and simile is INCREDIBLE! What an amazing concept of the spiritual manifestation of fear!

Yet another reason why you're so loved :)