MMmmmmm Oh Yeahhh

Since doing my 9 miles on Saturday, my body has given me the big ol gigantic middle finger. Ok..maybe I over did it..meanwhile my boss is smirking, because although he has not worked out because he hurt his back..by quiting his coke (a-cola) addiction…he has lost a ton of weight….but cant reveal how much till Monday.

I want to hurt him.
I want to hurt him bad.
I think I must come in tomorrow with crispy creams..they are his favorite. It is time to play mean.

Disclaimer from the Almighty Heidi..

(If talking about sex in anyway bothers you …please read no further…)

I figured out today..…well let’s face it..I need sex..there it’s out there. I think excersizing has...well gotten all the happy sex hormones back and they are in full raging throttle. I understand why my dog humps the green blanket now. Poor guy. I get it....There is only so much 2 D batteries can do...ya know?
I need..skin..lips…a warm body….hands all over my body *sigh*
*Sigh again*....
Anyways..had a moment there...
This too..is a great workout and calorie burner..all the wonderful great benfits..the kind of gym I would visit at least three times a week... and happily pay for this gym membership...
(he he he made myself laugh)

I don’t think I am your ordinary woman…I *LOVE* sex…. Love it love it love it...thus the three kids I suppose.
What’s up with the gals who have a headache..or don’t feel like it ..or whatever excuse..I just don’t get it (Literally)..I really don’t get it….embrace your inner sex goddess ladies…woohoooo.
No I am not a ho.

Maquade..step awayyy from the woody…

I’m glad I am not a guy..I would have a woody.

I like the word woody..it makes me laugh.

Woody woody woody woody..ok I feel better now.


Well it’s better than saying penis.

That is not a sexy word. Woody is not sexy either..just funny.

Cock…Dick??? Better I suppose, but penis..I love my penis..hmmmm.

Almighty Heidi and her Woody..hehe.


foam said...

you left out pecker ..

anyway .. i always enjoy a good roll in the hay myself ..

MaQuade said...

You have a woody?


That sorta gets me wet!

Come lick my coochie!

AlmightyHeidi said...

Ha..pecker..wanker..I forgot a few!!!!!!!!
Oh maquade..I..am speachless...

Jewels said...

And whereas I used to be completely into it, since having my daughter, I seem to have misplaced my libido... Not that I don't like it, I do... I just lost it. Confounding, really... :( (Especially to hubby...)