I took yesterday off. I did not go to the beach, but did go to the pool…and got sunburned. Ohh Almighty, sunscreen sunscreen!!!

Cool factors of my time off:

Apparently the universe knew I needed some time, so Saturday evening I was told that B was going to go away Sunday and Monday to Tampa to gamble his life away...good. Gone... Ahhhh.

So I did no housework, and went to the pool. I love the water. I have to be around it.
I watch the sunset at the lake every evening. It calms me.
I love the ocean..it brings me peace...
I dance in the rain...I do...dance...
I stomp in puddles...
Oh I love water.......
There was a hawk that flew over, and sat about 4 feet away from me …he just looked at me. I looked at him back, and said “Hello”. He looked away for a second, then looked back at me. Wow.

It was an awesome experience having this huge bird, sitting very manly and proud right by me. His feathers were so beautiful.

Then a sparrow came over, and started squawking at him, and flapping his wings…if he could have spoken English, I knew the sparrow was cursing.

Finally the hawk looked at me one last time, and flew away, annoyed by the smaller loud bird.

I went up and I sat on my porch feeling kind of glum and a butterfly sat on the end of my patio furniture…it’s wings breathed in and out.

He flew away, circled around, came back and landed on my toe..which made me jump. I looked at him, he looked at me, and I said “Hello”..and he just watched me, and I watched him, and finally he flew away doing a few more circles, and he was gone.

I made a mental note after seeing the butterfly, just to get out of my funk. Mother nature was trying to get my attention, so maybe I should listen.

I am celebrating today, by having a day off. Celebrating the future, the newness, the transformation of me...damnit..no feeling sorry for yourself today. Today is love the Almighty me.doing the best I can..and I love me day.

So I went inside, and turned on the happiest music I could find..which was reggae..which made me laugh. ..so I kept it on. I made it into the kitchen, and was dancing by myself, which I’m sure looked amazing (not),

and just as I’m doing a turn around swoop thingy, (actual Almighty dance move)

out of the corner of my eye

I see a man streaking across my living room with no clothes!!

I **Screammmmmm*

He jumps, and at that moment I realize that man is my son.

“When did you get home..and WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES!!!”

“You were on the porch, and I had to take a shower after practice!!”

What is the deal with not using a towel in my house…?? Speaking of mother nature..my god...how did my son get so...umm...big?
Maybe I should streak across the living room and give them a taste of their own medicine.. Muhahahaa, although, seeing my parents naked mentally scarred me for the rest of my life…ewwww…. and this is what Im gonna blame my current mental status on..cause it's always the parents fault!!

Almighty Heidi


Cat said...


Oh Heidi thank goodness I have never sen my teenage boys running around naked - I think I would really have to face the fact , even though they both already tower over me that they are grown...

Glad you got some alone time, you sound good!

AlmightyHeidi said...

Yes..as a mother i am scarred for life :o) I am better...had alot blottled up inside, still got alot oming at me..but needed a break.

foam said...

this is a lovely post .. i love the images of the hawk and the butterfly on your toes. my sons streak around all the time .. well, in the morning when they are getting ready. lol ..
anyways, good for you for taking a mental health day off .. :)

AlmightyHeidi said...

It was REALLY awesome...and god I sooo needed thsi time off...and the boys went to their dads for the first time in months...the house was silent..and wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Butterflies are beautiful.

And it is strange with big kids, just a few years ago they were so small babies

Lisa said...

a naked son would be the end of me- there are no amounts of time off that could heal that one !

MaQuade said...

Next time he streaks, just point at him and laaauuugh... That'll stop him :)

Same with the air-drying one.


Shadow said...

oh you're sounding good!