The Storm And A Really Cool Dream

The past few weeks here have been rainy out, but there's nothing like going to bed, or waking up to the rain and the thunder...I find it absolutely beautiful. The sun is starting to peek out of the clouds a bit now, the birds are all outside finding food, and the frogs..the FROGS.. my god it sounds like thousands of them today chirping by the lake it is almost deafening.

As most of you know, my job has cut my hours to 32 a week, not enough to live on. I was offered a job where as a benefit, they would pay in full for me to go back to school.
I almost did not want to bring it up, as if to jenx it, but I need everyone to send some good vibes my way. I know personally I REALLY REALLY want it, and if it's in the cards, it will land my way, but throwing a few prayers out there never hurt, so we will see.

So here I am, in life...going through my own storms lately wondering if that is really a glimpse of sunshine I see? If it is Im going to hold onto it...Which reminds me of a dream I had about 5 nights ago...oh I have to share!!

I was sitting outside my window looking at these flowers, they looked like maybe dafodils, but the size of sunflowers. They were turned twoards me, but as the sun began to come up, they started to...sing. There were no real words, mostly them singing AHHHHHhhh in all diffrent voices..it was amazing.

Then one sunflower turned to me, and it did nov verbally speak to me, but it says..You need to look at the sun and sing.

So...I looked at the sun..and sang, and my heart lifted.

In a matter of a few minutes, the sun went away, and the flowers closed themselves up almost tucking the heat of the sun on the inside of there pedals, holding onto the warmth like a treasure untill the next time they could see the sun.

And my dream was over...but I woke up feeling very very good.

So..when the sun does shine, im gonna look at it and sing, then im going to tuck in the goodness, the warmth ... till the next time I can see light again.

Almighty Heidi


MaQuade said...

I like your dreams! There's always a lot more substance to them than you might think.

And I believe in the power of your positive energy!


Shadow said...

what a nice dream... and i'll cross everything i can for good luck for you!!!

terri said...

what a dream!!!!
thanks for sharin' it!
you've got prayers, vibes,
and a stamp of the foot at the universe from me!