Coping Skills

I need to learn new coping skills. Writing is a healthy one, I need to write more..find the time to write more is the issue, but I think..if I really love me, I need to find the time.

For the past several months I have been in a whirlwind of job cuts, moving, ending relationships, and having my daughter get in an accident and have surgery. The last two months, after work I would have a glass of wine, then three, or captain morgan, and lots of it. One glass turned into nice warm buzz.

In my mind I deserved it, but in the end I was just trying to feel better.

When Kay was in the hospital I did not drink for 5 days, and my body was very thankful.

It dawned on me recently that I just don’t want to cope like that anymore.

So now I’m setting back, realizing what a pattern it’s had over the last few months.

I need to make a new pattern. I am at a good place in life now. I want to find other things that bring joy in, stress out.

Then life sends me a test.

A hard lump in my left breast.

Almighty Heidi


Shadow said...

...i hope it's just a pounding heart.

and a good choice... of changing those patterns, i mean.

MilesPerHour said...

Alcohol is never the answer, it's just a short term fix that turns into one big consequence when it is abused.

Courage comes from inside. Strength can be obtained through others. Reach out Heidi.

Cat said...

Heaidi I hope it is nothing serious and I can relate to needing to feel better, even though the choice is not the best.

Glad you found the pattern and are working to put your world right. I am thinking of you.


terri said...

talk about scary.
keep us posted.

hey....just so you know....
when i wanted to drink to cope and
chose not to, i started writing.

my business was born.

you just never know what will come out of coping skills....

keep us posted, girl.....
on all of it....

AlmightyHeidi said...

Dr felt the bump, sending me for a diagnostic mamogram, I dont know when the appointment is, but I just want to get it over with..cause I love my boobies :o)
Tonights coping skills: Getting ingredients for making a beef wellington with peppercorn sauce. I love to cook, keeps the mind busy, and even though the kids dont get it, theres alot of love going into the food while im cooking it for them.

Sierra Wolf said...

Get that lump checked out. I've had a couple and thankfully, they turned out to be nothing. However, the mamograms are starting to stress me out more and more, each year. I'm scheduled for mine on Thursday - wish me luck and you'll be in my prayers as well.

I've always found that doing anything "creative"; cooking, painting, drawing, even re-arranging a room (if I have that much energy)are excellent coping skills. They are things that I can put my whole self into, without guilt - or hangovers.