Quiet Moments

Update: My daughter is out of the hospital and healing. Right now I am enjoying the quiet moment.

No Tv

Kids are...somewhere...

Dogs are snoring

Life is good.

I've learned I *LOVE* my bed,

Hot showers,

my candelit nights with my tiki torches on the back porch
good, really good food...and my family.

But more than anything....

I am thankful, that my child is not chronically ill.
She has an injury, a bad bad injury, but we are not looking death in the face like so many people in the hospital,

hovering over their children or loved ones,

with worry,stroking their hands
wondering when the last moment might be,
souls in tourment
and clinging onto hope that there will be many moments more.

I don't know how a parent can go through it. How to wake up every day like that. How deep deep down to your core you would have to go, and even maybe somewhere so spiritually outside of yourself to find that kind of strength.

After Kayla was wheeled away..I bawled like a baby, and wanted to curl up in a fetal position in the nearest corner...

I wanted to run in the surgical room for one more hug and kiss..

just in case..something went wrong, and it was her last moment,

but yet hoping and having faith for many moments more.


Almighty Heidi


foam said...

blessings indeed!

terri said...

what an experience. glad you guys are on the healing end of it now.
hoping that goes smoothly for you...

Rolf said...

Glad to read she is out of hospital.

Shadow said...

enjoy those beautiful moments you describe. and i'm so very pleased your daugther is on the mend!

MaQuade said...

A great bed is always a great way to end one day and start another :)