Helping Hand

Well, In case ya did not know from my last posts..but I have had alot of life lately. My hand got second and third degee burns, the third degree on my ring finger...kinda makes me wonder...

My hand got infected, I got real sick, almost had to go to the hospital. I might be looking at some skin grafts and surgery in the future.

I am blessed though, instead of going to the hospital waiting hours to be seen,I went with my intuition to go to my went to my doctors office which I worked a a few years back, and they recently hired a burn unit nurse practiotioner, who knew exactally what to do, and right away.

Iv'e been to the doctor every other day and they continue to take skin off my ring finger and pinkie, peeling some flesh that just hangs there after being blistered..and infected with a greenish yellow ooze.

For a moment..I felt like maybe the universe..god if there is one, was trying to send me a message. My heart just sunk.

Then today, taking the bandages off two other fingers that have healed first..I could feel the new skin. Soft as a baby's...fragile, thin..but new.

The doc says I need to put sunscreen on it, it will easily burn again. I have to be careful, because the skin will break easily..so not to bump or bruise it.

This created a picture in my mind.

The old..skin..me...was burnt away..left in it's place is something new...fragile..something to take care of...being careful not to harm it..taking care of the ring finger which signified my soul, my heart, because it is easily injured..after the burn

So maybe the universe, god if there is one did send me a message.

So here I am left....learning how to take care of my new self.

Almighty Heidi


MaQuade said...

You KNOW you're not alone in taking care of that :)


AlmightyHeidi said...

Thanks Jason..you have always been there for me :)

terri said...

i think that's the perfect way to look at it...
it starts with you.
and you are learning.
and growing.
and becoming.

take such gentle care of that hand...
and of all of you...

asweetcakes said...

You've got a great attitude about this. I truly wish you luck!

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

Sometimes it takes us going through something painful to see clearly what our path is. I dont know why this is, but it has been my own experience.