Where have you been
hiding in the corners of my mind

Creativity aches to rear its head
as it tenticles wrap around my office cubicle
sufficating me untill I give in

to the temper tantrum of my inner soul

the voice screams in my head.

I want to write
attmepting to paint a picture
of many colors
using keystokes as my brush

then the blank page and curser both stare at me
and begin to laugh


Creative then speaks

I am a creature of my own kind

One who lurks
and impatiently comes out
at its own will

Stubborn and brilliant
dark and light.

Listen when I speak, it says

it likes to talk at 2 am...*humph*

Thats all I have today..just the voice in my head :o)

Almighty Heidi


MaQuade said...

Creativity keeps it's own schedule and expects you to be prepared when it wants to play, to be fed, to voice itself, to massage you, to guide you.

Train your process: Keep a note pad by your favorite places at home... the corner table between the sofa and loveseat, the bedside table, the coffee maker (wink). During those fleeting moments when it sparks, latch on to key words or ideas then write them down. You can then expand on those morsels.

Creativity might be fleeting at times, but you can hold on to it's effects :)


Chuck Dilmore said...

any writing
is good writing...

not every wave
brings the shell to the shore...
but each wave is essential.

i know
your waves
will bring pearls.


Shadow said...

mmm, those creative thoughts do their own things, don't they. lately though, the nighttime seems to set them off too. and it annoys the family tremendously... ho hummm

Cat said...

Ya know what - I totally get this - my writing is off a bit as well - my creativity well I was never so creative to start with!