My Lifeflow

On Thursday I wrote a little quote on twitter I wanted to share...

I am..missing my kids tonight,as they went out of state to visit grandma..my heart feels empty then I realize the pulse of my home is gone!

It is hard to realize it when they are here, driving me nuts somedays, but they really are my heart. I know they are just around the corner from figuring life on there own.

Certainly I am looking forward to that other part of my life one day,

but the "energy" leaving my house...

that's going to be something and strange,

an alien sensation I have never known.

I was a mother two months after turning 18.

In my adult life..I have never... not had children.

In the meantime, I have had alot of peaceful solitude. There have been many walks aound a beautiful lake here, lined with cypress trees and palms, watching the ducks go in and out of the water, and the turtles bobbing their heads, hoping that you might have bread. The wind is always blowing gently off the water...ahhhhh...Im so drawn to this place..my soul craves it.
Tonight Im going to curl up with a glass of wine, and curl up with a good book.
Ahhhhhhhh, so this is what it's like?? Hmmmm I could get used to this..hehe.
Almighty Heidi


Chuck Dilmore said...

kids are our best connection
to bliss... and if you feel that way, then
you're the best mother they could ever have!

i always feared the day when my kids would fly...
and it was very sad. but the blue days fade,
replaced with something new. discoveries.

the world. self. and an even
deeper connection to the kids.
somehow, it only gets more magical!

i love that you sense the flow!

Just Be Real said...

Thank you for sharing. Blessings Heidi. ♥