Blue Sunday

The weather here has no let up. We had a bit of tease with cool weather, but then bam high of 97. I wish it would cool down soon, I have been staying indoors because of the mugginess, and it's bringing my spirit down.

This week I have to go do a placement test. Im meeting with my admissions advisior the following week, so I have to take the test this week...ew.

Between this and my last transcripts, it will show what classses I NEED to take. So..I did an online practice test..I aced the english..*YAY*

Then came the math...I "christmas tree'd" it. For two hours I have been sitting here trying to take some tutorial courses in Algebra..so I dont fail miserably..but....I need a real person to teach me.

Im frustrated, and tired already, and my self confidence just went in the toilet.

The sad thing is I do alot of bookeeping for the company I work for...actually..they should be very frightened.

Worst case scenerio..I have to take some math courses..I know I will, no biggie.

I think I would rather eat raw bull balls...like on fear factor than take math courses.


I feel the need for double fudge brownie icecream...there are no balls laying around.



Shadow said...

where on earth does "christmas tree'd" it come from?!?!

AlmightyHeidi said...

ooOOOOOO I dunno, a term my kids taught me..filling in the a b or c for multiple choice....makes it look like a christmas tree? :o)