I came across an article a few days ago..then now had something on it..now a blog from my favorite Blogger Terri St. Cloud...my hearts been going in a direction, a direction where Im pretty this is where my hearts calling me to work.

This SOMETHING that has REALLY been pulling at my heart lately is violence against women. It affects all women worldwide, in all socioeconomical backgrounds. In some cultures, sexual violence is a practiced ritual of many which includes, but is not limited to domestic abuse, rape, child marriages, forced female circumcision, and sex trade.

This violates the law..of well..human.

Violence Against Women: A Fact Sheet
In the US, a woman is raped every 6 minutes; a woman is battered every 15 seconds. In North Africa, 6,000 women are genitally mutilated each day. This year, more than 15,000 women will be sold into sexual slavery in China. 200 women in Bangladesh will be horribly disfigured when their spurned husbands or suitors burn them with acid. More than 7,000 women in India will be murdered by their families and in-laws in disputes over dowries. Violence against women is rooted in a global culture of discrimination which denies women equal rights with men and which legitimizes the appropriation of women's bodies for individual gratification or political ends. Every year, violence in the home and the community devastates the lives of millions of women. (Broken Bodies, Shattered Minds: Torture and Ill Treatment of Women, Amnesty International, 2001)

Now..with this in mind, please go to the link below, and read a post from terri, which has her friend Patty who is in South Africa and works with these women every day…and it will pull at your heart, empower you, and as a woman…rise up, and say enough.


Almighty Heidi


terri said...

the world needs you, heidi.
i'm so excited about this.

Marsha said...

What a great post. This is violence awareness month if I'm not mistaken, and the post very much goes along with this.

Shadow said...

thanks for the reminder. and thanks for the link.

Chuck Dilmore said...