Meet Captain Markle The Almighty Heidi

I'm not sure if I ever posted this picture before, but I love it...yeah I started out blonde, I have almost black hair now, but believe me...there's ALOT of blonde in this girl!!
This is me and my big brother Mark...we fought evil dooers, monsters, you name it we fought them..him as Captain Markle, and me as his sidekick the Almighty Heidi.
This is where the name comes from...and I guess it has sorta stuck...we also thought we were the "Wonder Twins" and Luke and Princess Leah..childhood imagination was a must back then.
We were so poor, but ya know what? We did not even understand that till years later...all of us piling into one bed to keep warm was an adventure..it wasn't because there was not any heat!
Mark is still a superhero to me, he is going into his 20th year in the Airforce, and currently serving in Japan.
I miss him very badly right now, this will be the first set of holidays he will not be visiting..feeling kinda down about that, but to keep me busy I am painting part of my home. One of the walls I already completed, now I have one more. I dont like renter white. Warm colors..make the house feel like home, ya know?
However..before I paint, Im going to drink so herbal tea, and drink a gallon of thera flu..who knew superhero's could get sick...darn.
I guess this is it for now..
Wishing you a week filled of superhero powers!
Almighty Heidi


Shadow said...

superhero powers??? thank you, that's just what i need. right back atcha!

Gin said...

All superheros have one weakness. Perhaps yours is the common cold! :-) Happy painting! I'm with you...renter white is no fun. Oh and love the pic by the way...adorable!

MilesPerHour said...

Three months ago I repainted my entire home's interior in lots of different earthtones. It looks gret and makes me feel good all the same as well. Good luck with your painting.

foam said...

ohhhhh ... luv the photo!
how so very cute ...

get to feeling better soon ..