Simple Things

The other suprising side of the almighty...

1. I love my converse tennis shoes..love love love them.

2. I have a truck...it's a Ford F150 lariet king cab..black..and it kicks butt

3. Yes..I have a bit of tomboy in me, but I am still very "woman", even though..I *hate* pink...but I will wear pink for breast cancer awareness month, and to even it out, I would have to wear the converse tennis shoes too. I LOVE MY BOOBIES. I could not imagine having to cut waway at my woman-hood like that. I would to save my life, but wow..my heart goes out to all cancer suvivors.

4. Tattoo?? Why yes I do. I had wanted one for a long time, and 4 years ago on my birthday went and got one on my shoulder.

5. Piercings....no comment :)

6. The same day I got my tattoo, my x (gambling addict) for MY birtday wanted to take ME gambling..hmmmm. Very self serving. I like to play poker so I decided to enter a tournament to keep myself busy for a few hours....I came in first place against all men and won a grand...COOLEST thing ever.

7. My fathers nickname for me is Grace. I am the child that did not run with scissors..nooo I was very timid and careful but I did walk with scissors..tripped, and stabbed myself in the gut and had to be rushed to the hospital.

8. I ran into my own wall this morning.

9. I want an Army jacket..even though there are only 2 months in florida I can wear it.

10. Tattoo..another one?..absolutly..one day.

11. I am a dog person...Cats are ok i guess..litterboxes are gross..and..well I am so allergicc to cats, my face swells up like "hitch" and I can't stop sneezing, even the roof of my mouth itches, it is a terrible, terrible experience. My mom had 5 cats..ugh...and one is the spawn of satan.

12. I start lifting weights in the gym next week..I hate weights..but..I want to do chin ups like the guys do...because....well...why not?

13. I can curse like a sailor. I normally dont, but I work with all guys. I have no problem using the f-bomb.

14. Sarcastic....ohhh so sarcastic, and I have a very SICK sense of humor. Again..workking with ALL guys, there is nothing I have not heard, and it is REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to offend me with humor.

15. I will never judge ANYONE on what there love prefrences are as far as race or sex goes.I do not care if you are gay, lesbian, bi, tranny, black white, whatever... anything...to me..love is love, and we are lucky to fine "the one" no matter race or sex.

Now, I still am girly, I like to get my nails done..

Shoes? A girl can NEVER have too many
Candles, wine, hot bubble baths yes yes yes.
Love to decorate, and have mad cooking skills.


This week was a tough one..real tough. Part of what is going on is learning how to love me...who knew that woule be so difficult?

So I listed things I liked about me...and these, just made me laugh and shake my head, because when I listed them like this, I had a picture in my mine of a bad ass biker chick with a doberman...wonder if my cape would look good on a Harley...

Have a great weekend...

Almighty Heidi


Cat said...

I love weights, will get a tattoo once I reach a certain goal, which I am working on getting to still.

Loved this post about you my friend.

( sorry for my MIA status as of late, I am just now pulling my head out of the sand and returning to the living again)


Craftsman of light said...

Boy, you're one hell of a person...howdy Almighty!!!

Shadow said...

i like you extemely much! (never mind the bad english!!!)

MilesPerHour said...

I love to hear about others and appreciate you sharing. A dog person with a tat! My kind of girl!

Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

Ha! I LOVED this post...& I HATE pink (except the musician, I like her). I'm alot older, no tats or piercings, but my daughters make up for my lack thereof. My hubby loves chuck taylors too -high to tops only! You will make a great nurse - u don't judge, have a sick sense of humor (required) and cursing, well that will serve you well in many ways. Embrace yourself, for there's no one like you forever in the Universe & your soul is unbreakable (I stole those words). You are....almighty!!